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The Computer Hammer the full story to date April 2/01

In 1995 Steve Marshall was working in his office at Daddy Cools Pub along with his wife Luisa. The location, Masset BC on the remote Queen Charlotte Islands situated only 35 miles from Alaska. In Masset there were no places you could get your computer problems fixed. If the computer broke down you would have to send it out and wait weeks for its return.

This was month end with bills to pay and the employees would be coming in soon to pick up their pay. The computer kept seizing up and wouldn't work.

Steve had everything going through his mind... payday..monthend.. computer quit.. employees coming...can't send out government tax remittances will get penalized...too many things to do... can't fix it... no one available to fix it.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Then the thought came... "I should hit the computer screen with a real steel hammer, that would make me feel better" Steve was visualizing where the hammer was in the building.

Then suddenly he yelled to his wife "Computer Hammers, I'm going to invent unique Novelty Gift Computer Hammers". Luisa looked at Steve like he was crazy. That's when the idea was planted. He thought he can't be the only person in the world that gets mad at his computer. Steve said "If someone made a novelty computer hammer gift I would buy it, so I'm going to make some one day"

Steve wrote down all his ideas then register mailed it to himself.. For the next few years he couldn't think of how to do anything more with the novelty gift toy hammers.

Two years ago Steve moved to Vancouver. Steve always came up with other ideas that he never did anything about and sooner or later someone would follow through with that idea and make huge money. Steve would always say "see I should of done something about that idea" This time The Computer Hammers kept showing up in Steve's mind so he had to do something about it. Steve made up a wishlist of things he wanted if this project became successful and made him millions. Whenever the project got him down he would go and look at the house on his wishlist to inspire him to continue on with the project.

The first thing that got the unique project rolling was to obtain the .com names. Once the names were put in place he hired a graphic company to do the artwork for the gift hammer and display box. At the same time he used the internet to find a company in China that manufactures this type of thing.

Steve described what he wanted to the Chinese salesman. The company sent him a toy prototype. Steve instructed them to change the novelty toy design slightly. Once the shape was agreed upon then came the artwork.

Because of the language barrier the Chinese company would always send the next change on the hammer to Canada for Steve to approve.

At one point Steve wanted the printing to be put 1/2 inch up toward the hammer head. They still wanted to send the changed hammer for approval.

Then he had to design a website that could sell toy gadget hammers online. The original mistake was to not have the ordering page secure. People are reluctant to use a non-secure server. Once this was done the orders became more frequent.

Steve went to a few family members and friends to see if anyone would like to invest. Everyone thought it was interesting but nobody would go for it. They thought he was crazy too. So Steve managed to invent, manufacture and purchase the first order by himself.

Finally 10,000 hammers showed up in Vancouver. Now the marketing stage was about to be learned.

Computer stores in Vancouver where very reluctant to purchase hammers. So much so that he put everything on hold for a month feeling that it maybe was a "stupid idea". Finally Steve put them in on consignment in some stores so there is no risk for the stores. The sales really took off in these stores so with this information other stores became interested. Vancouver was taken care of.

So now it was time to promote the Hammers Canada wide now. Steve tried to do his own press release across Canada. It went fairly well and he ended up on VTV and CTV national with the hammer story along with numerous newspapers. This generated more interest.

Steve conceded that he can't do everything so he finally hired a company in the US to do a world wide press release to targeted journalists. This was very successful with calls from Magazines, newspapers and TV stations from all over the world. The farthest place was The Sunday Times in Johannesburg Africa. "Wow I'm going to be in the paper in Africa today" amused Steve

The message was clear. This is a good fun press story with interest all over the world. The retail stores are showing more interest all the time. Orders from the US, Germany, Africa, Scotland, Austria and even Canada are coming in daily.

Steve ignored non English speaking countries expecting them to not be interested unless they had their own language on the hammer. Wow was he wrong. The senior editor of the affiliate of the largest TV station in Europe wanted a Computer Hammer to feature on his German show. Computer Hammer orders are still coming in from Germany. The hammers are in English but they love the idea.

At this time Steve is just waiting to feel the full effect of the last press release. It takes time for journalists to place the story then the readers have to react. Especially the monthly magazines, it could be a month or two before they put the story out.

Computer hammers gifts have sold all over the world. One company in Germany purchased 5000 hammers for a novelty gift for their employees. This hammer is the easiest low budget gift novelty toy for the hard to buy for person. Can you think of anyone that wouldn't benifit from a novelty present like this? Think birthday gift for the boss. Birthday gift for your fellow worker.

Christmas time is the biggest computer hammer novelty toy sales of the year. Think a novelty computer christmas present for the boss, fellow worker. We should note that the novelty toy computer hammer gift works on all operating systems, mac or pc, mac novelties gifts,
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